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Click to learn about Allison's music, storytelling, coaching/teaching

Click to learn about Allison's music, storytelling, coaching/teaching


This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

I am a storyteller. I see the world through the lens of story. I am keenly attuned to the pivotal moments, the essential components and letting everything else go. The moments you would linger on in a telling. The ones you would describe with salient details, eliciting the senses. I become aware of the preciousness of the moments. The transitional moments, the beat changes. The “before the news,” after the knowing. The shift in world view, in perspective.

Stories are not the experience. Stories are the crafting, the molding of those experiences into a thread of meaning. Storytelling is an act of creating our view of life. Reframing the past to impact your who you are today.

So… I think – what is this story? Is this the story of my decline? Is this the story of my death? I intend this to be the story of my transformation. The story of obstacles overcome, of discoveries, of awareness, of precision focus and clarity. The story of gratefulness for so many blessings. I don’t know the end of this story. I’m at the beginning.

I have experienced the transformational power that crafting my stories of the past can have. But what about crafting the story of the present? That is what I am doing in The Asshole Diaries.

The people who know me remind me of who I am. I am a storyteller and this is my story of transformation.

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6 Responses to This is my story and I’m sticking to it!

  • I love you and am sending you good and strong thoughts.

  • I love you, Al.

  • You are my shining star. I remember when I first became enamored with you. Sitting on the pavement in the middle of an Austin neighborhood watching you sing with your rock band. I sat there wondering to myself “does she notice me? Does she think I’m someone worth getting to know the way I think she is? Does she think I’m sexy like I think she is?” These were the thoughts spinning round my mind while I watched you rock out in the middle of the day. Then two short years later we were housemates and the most important friendship of my grad school years was cemented. I adore you Ms. Downey and I am rooting for you. You are nothing short of truly special in this crazy, whacked out, weird world we live in. You are my shining star. Love you, Ruthie

  • Loving you so much, Allison. Add my love and karmic energy to your virtual embrace, beautiful friend.

  • I’m thinking about you, Al, praying for your strength and healing, and that God will guide your care through your talented and compassionate doctors. I believe in you and your will and zest for life, and I believe you will beat this. I hope you feel all the love and hugs from near and far, from all of us who love you.

  • You are amazing Allison and light up every path you cross. Sure thinking of you. xoxo

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